1ère année du programme American BBA INSEEC

« Freshman »

Les cours de la 1ère année sont tous dispensés en anglais.

Global Environment and Humanities Department


Delivered in French, this class will take a sociological view on the current need for business students to have a well-developed vision of society and its efffect on commerce.

American Studies

American Studies gives a broad overview of the key historical, political,economic and cultural developments in the U.S.A. from colonial times to today.

Environmental Economics

Environmental Economics gives students the fundamental concepts and methods to address aspects of managing businesses and the environment in an ecological and sustainable manner.


Taught in French.A necessary primer on critical thinking and the art of rhetoric.

Business Fundamentals Department

Introduction to Finance for Business

This course is intended to furnish students with a basic understanding of business and finance as they pertain to today’s prevalent issues.

Accounting 1

A preliminary look at basic accounting principles. Mandatory for further study in this area.


Etablir une analyse descriptive d’une situation, determiner des intervalles de confiance, tester la validité d’hypothèse relative à une moyenne ou un pourcentage.

Mathématiques financières

Acquérir les notions de base de mathématiques financières et maitriser tous calculs d’intérêts simples et composés.

Introduction to Corporate Communication

This course intends to give students a practical overview of the many elements of corporate communication.

Stratégies de développement et techniques de ventes

Connaitre les différentes situations de vente BtoC, BtoB, vente transactionnelle, vente complexe et maîtriser les techniques (de la prospection à la maîtrise d’un entretien de vente)

Languages Department

English for Oral Communication

Weekly oral exercises are balanced with both writing and reading assignments designed to give students practice all the core communication skills in English.

LV2 (Foreign Language I )

Strong language skills are vital to any manager looking to operate on an international level. Students are expected to continue studying a second foreign language.

LV3 (Foreign Language 2)

Wtih an eye to the future and an opening to the East, all students will follow compulsory Chinese classes for the first two years of the BBA.


A first-year course meant to prepare the student to take the TOEFL exam at the end of the second year.



A one-month intensive session at the INSEEC campus in London.

Seminars and Workshops

Professional Writing Seminar

An intensive seminar aimed at improving professional written skills (emails, correspondence, reports, note-taking, etc.)

Developing Professional Skills

Seminars led by industry professionals that prepare the student for the work environment.


This workshop is designed as in integration exercise for new students during Orientation Week at the start of the first semester.

ELEA and Humanitarian project

Humanitarian team project

Giving back to society and making this world a better place to live are the driving forces behind student involvement in a humanitarian group, project or cause.

ELEA – Student Associations

The 30+ student associations at the INSEEC Bachelor and American BBA offer the ideal opportunity for students to practice necessary management and organizational skills.

Sport: Team + individual

O.M.S. du 16eme/Team + individual

Sports play an important part in the BBA program for reasons of both health and teamwork.


Company internship + report

A mandatory 2-month internship is required after the London session.