2e année du programme American BBA INSEEC

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Global Environment and Humanities Department

Ethics in Business

An introduction into the concept of values, morality, as well as cultural beliefs inmany business areas from consumer rights to corporate social responsibility.

Business Law I

This course explains principles of business law such as legal requirements, financial status, taxation, and liability in a clear and easy-to-understand way.


This course shows how the measures of economic performance, such as GDP, inflation and unemployment, are constructed and how to apply them to evaluate the macroeconomic conditions of an economy.

Business Fundamentals Department

Business Negotiation

Through proper preparation and stragegy, the student will build a good understanding of how to run a high quality negotiation.

Corporate Finance

This course provides an introduction to the theory, the methods and the concerns of corporate finance that are relevant for financial decisions made by firms and investors.

Principles of Marketing

Provides a general knowledge of marketing emphasizing marketing mix elements, marketing strategies, customer behaviorplanning and promotion.

Principles of Management and Leadership

Provide the students with a multidisciplinary approach of leadership that encompasses philosophy, politics, management science, psychology and popular culture21/07/2016

Accounting 2

Further study into advanced accounting principles. Pre-requisite: Accounting 1.

Languages and Communications Departments

Public Speaking

This course will introduce the student to the basic skills necessary to be an effective public speaker.

LV2 (Foreign Language I )

Strong language skills are vital to any manager looking to operate on an international level.  Students are expected to continue studying a second foreign language.

LV3 (Foreign Language 2)

Wtih an eye to the future and an opening to the East, all students will follow compulsory Chinese classes for the first two years of the BBA.


A first-year course meant to prepare the student to take the TOEFL exam at the end of the second year.



A two-month intensive session at the INSEEC campus in San Francisco, CA.

Seminars and Workshops

Personal Development seminar

An intensive seminar aimed at improving professional written skills (emails, correspondence, reports, note-taking, etc.)

Creativity seminar

Seminars led by industry professionals that prepare the student for the work environment.

ELEA and Humanitarian project

Humanitarian team project

Giving back to society and making this world a better place to live are the driving forces behind student involvement in a humanitarian group, project or cause.

ELEA – Student Associations

The 30+ student associations at the INSEEC Bachelor and American BBA offer the ideal opportunity for students to practice necessary management and organizational skills.

Sport : Team + individual

O.M.S. du 16eme/Team + individual

Sports play an important part in the BBA program for reasons of both health and teamwork.


Company internship + report

A minimum 2-month internship is required after the San Francisco session.